Day 43

There’s nothing as nice as receiving a handwritten letter and seeing all of the effort that someone has put in when they could have just have easily have text or emailed you, and I love sending them too, I think it’s the excitement in knowing that you’ve said it but they’ve not read it yet and waiting to see their reaction 😊 so tonight I sent the boy I’m sort of seeing a valentines day card in the post (something I don’t think I’ve done since I was 9/10) because we can’t see eachother at the weekend. I’m still not sure if we’re a couple yet so who knows this might clear a few things up or frighten him off completely, especially since I’ve already told him I don’t like valentines day and he agreed, so I guess I’m not really sure why I’ve sent it, or even why I’m admitting that I’ve done so incase he does infact run for the hills and I never hear from him again 😳


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